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Molded Pulp Packaging

Paper pulp mold packaging is 100% recyclable, biodegradable and eco-friendly, making it the perfect sustainable packaging solution. With the flexibility to cater to a wide range of products and industries, it offers versatility without compromising the environment. Our premium quality molded pulp is made out of ethically sourced materials, helping our customers reduce their carbon footprint.

Why Do You Need To Choose Our Pulp Tray Packaging Supplier Service

PT Print Australia offers pulp tray packaging as a sustainable solution for food storage and transportation. Pulp tray packaging is made from recycled paper or bamboo, making it an eco-friendly option. The trays are moulded to fit specific products, providing a secure fit during transportation and reducing the risk of damage. Pulp tray packaging is also lightweight, making it easy to handle and transport. Additionally, the trays are biodegradable, allowing for easy disposal after use. By choosing pulp tray packaging from PT Print Australia, customers can support sustainable practices while ensuring their products are securely and safely transported. 

Key Features and Benefits of Molded Pulp Packaging




Compact storage

Easily Customisable

Personalised designs and finishings


Reduce carbon footprint

Custom Molded Pulp Packaging for Your Own Need
Leaving a positive impact on the environment & molding a greener future with our premium quality paper pulp mold.

Materials Used



Old Corrugated Cardboard (OCC)

Recycle Cardboard

Recycle Newspaper

Wood Pulp

Recommended for

Food & Beverage
Electronic Products
Home & Personal Care
Pharmaceutical and Healthcare

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