1. How many types of finishing can I choose?

Here in PT Print Australia, we provide the best finishing service and it’s based on customer’s requirements. We will assist you in the process to choose the best finishing making your final rigid box appealing and satisfying your preferences.

2. Can I customize my own design for the rigid box packaging?

Definitely can! We offer various designs so that our customers can custom their rigid box packaging which is ideal for high quality or designer merchandising and product branding. Our extensive manufacturing capabilities allow us to design high-end brand packaging solutions. Boxes can be cut to size and embellished with your logo.

3. For my luxury product, is it safe to use PT Print rigid box?

Yes. Rigid paper wrapped gift boxes are the finest quality package available. Rigid boxes are made from thick cardboard that is formed into its permanent shape and then laminated with custom printed or stock paper during the manufacturing process and yes it is 100% safe.

4. What is the minimum order?

In general our minimum order quantity is between 5 thousand to 10 thousand units. Because we are a custom manufacturer we can quote any size order. However, lesser are generally hand-made which means higher labor costs. As with all manufacturing higher quantities = lower unit costs. Most box constructions require a certain amount of order quantity to be machine run due to set-up required.


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